The David Awards

David G. Sasher, Sr., was a great supporter of the mystery genre and a prime mover in the early days of Deadly Ink. In his honor, Deadly Ink conference attendees vote every year for the best mystery novel of the year before.

The David Award nominees for the best mystery published in 2018 were:

  • YESTERDAY’S NEWS by R. G. Belsky
  • DIED IN THE WOOL by Peggy Ehrhart
  • THE CONSULTANT by Tj O’Connor
  • MISTY TREASURE by Linda Rawlins
  • SECOND STORY MAN by Charles Salsberg
  • FERAL ATTRACTION by Eileen Watkins

…And the winner, Dick Belsky for YESTERDAY’S NEWS!

Past winners of the David award include:

  • 2018: Eileen Watkins for THE PERSIAN ALWAYS MEOWS TWICE
  • 2017:  Ilene Schneider for YOM KILLER
  • 2016:  Jack Getze for BIG SHOES
  • (tie)  A. J. Sidransky for FORGIVING MARIELA CAMACHO
  • 2015:  Jeff Markowitz for DEATH AND WHITE DIAMONDS
  • (tie)  Steven Rigolosi for THE OUTSMARTING OF CRIMINALS
  • 2014:  E. F. Watkins for DARK MUSIC
  • 2013:  Jane K. Cleland for DOLLED UP FOR MURDER
  • 2012:  no conference
  • 2011:  no conference
  • 2010:  Hallie Ephron for NEVER TELL A LIE
  • 2009:  Robin Hathaway for SLEIGHT OF HAND
  • 2008:  Jane K. Cleland for DEADLY APPRAISAL
  • 2007:  Steven Rigolosi for WHO GETS THE APARTMENT

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